Our approach to sustainability

Our Approach to Sustainability

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Sustainable operations are rapidly becoming an essential part of manufacturing. At Powerlite Fitzgerald, our sustainability journey is ceaseless – there will always be new ways in which we can do more, each of which we are excited to discover and implement. Doing so is the minimum commitment we can make to our employees and the environment and it is in going beyond this that we look to prove ourselves as true champions of sustainability.


Our planet-first approach is underpinned by taking several small steps designed to ladder up to our first key milestone – reducing energy consumption by 50% by June 2024. Some of these include:

  • Working to eliminate potentially harmful plastic packaging from our operations.
  • Tracking the production of miles for all our products, limiting these wherever possible to ensure efficient use of resources at every stage of the journey.
  • Offering modular fittings, ensuring a more flexible and convenient maintenance system. This design allows you to replace individual components as needed, promoting efficiency. Instead of producing and installing entirely new fixtures, our approach facilitates the replacement of specific components. This not only saves time and effort but also minimises waste. Our modular fittings are designed with the future in mind. As needs evolve, these fixtures can easily adapt, proving their long-lasting value and reducing the need for frequent full replacements.

Embracing Modularity for Sustainable Illumination

We are guided by a philosophy of modularity in the research, design, and innovation of our lighting products.

This approach revolves around the creation of individual, interchangeable components that can be combined in various ways to form a complete lighting system.

We delve into the exploration of new design concepts, material use, and technological advancements, all while keeping the principle of modularity at the forefront of our designs.

It’s a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability.

We believe that this approach can significantly contribute to the reduction of environmental impact over time.

By creating interchangeable and replaceable components, we can extend the life of our products and reduce waste.

When a single module in a luminaire needs replacing, it can be done without discarding the entire product- reducing waste.

We are excited about the benefits that modularity brings to our operations and products.

Energy-saving lighting solutions

Given the immediate and future risks to the health of our planet, energy efficient approaches to lighting are more essential than ever. To ensure we are helping to preserve resources both for this and the next generation, while also allowing for the best value spend on energy, we offer several key saving features.

Central to this is our range of controls. They allow for lighting to only be in operation when absolutely necessary, reducing energy usage.

“Sustainability: the balance we strike today to ensure tomorrow's resources aren't just a memory of the past.”