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IP65 Street lighting head. The VisageLED 2 has a Tridonic driver and Nichia LEDs.

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  • IP65 Construction
  • Nichia LEDs
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Tridonic Driver
  • Quick access for easy maintenance
VISAGE LED LED Characteristics


VISAGE LED Photometric


VISAGE LED Dimensions
VISAGE LED Dimensions
VISAGE LED Dimensions
Technical Details View Technical Details Hide Technical Details
Part Number Description Replaces Weight
No. Per 10A
Inrush Current
Circuit Watts (W) Board Lumens Luminaire Lumens * Ll/cW
VI2S-28-1-4K-60 28W Small LED Street Light 70W SON 6.5 50 8A 100μs 28 3936 3700 132.0
VI2S-56-2-4K-60 56W Small LED Street Light 100W SON 6.5 20 12A 50μs 56 7872 7400 132.0
VI2M-56-2-4K-60 78W Medium LED Street Light 150W SON 7.5 5 56A 280μs 78 10965 10307 132.0
VI2M-78-3-4K-60 105W Large LED Street Light 250W SON 8.2 5 56A 280μs 105 14761 13875 132.0
VI2L-78-3-4K-76 157W Large LED Street Light 250W SON 11.6 5 56A 280μs 157 22071 20747 132.0
VI2L-105-4-4K-76 185W Large LED Street Light 400W SON 11.6 5 56A 280μs 185 26007 24447 132.0


Options and Accessories View Options and Accessories Hide Options and Accessories
N NEMA Photocell
SPA Spigot Adapter 60mm – 76mm
DD DALI/Virtual Midnight
27K 2700K Colour Temperature
3000K Colour Temperature
5K 5000K Colour Temperature
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