Sentinel LED

Product Description

The Sentinel is a robust and versatile wall mounted luminaire constructed from vandal resistant die-cast aluminium and polycarbonate diffuser. The Sentinel can be supplied with a large variety of outputs to compliment existing technology.

Data Sheet


  • Ingress protection to IP65
  • Constant output driver
  • 20mm conduit entry points on back and sides allowing maximum flexibility
  • Vandal resistant die-cast aluminium body with
  • UV stabilised polycarbonate diffuser
  • IK10+
SENTINEL LED LED Characteristics


SENTINEL LED Photometric


Technical Details View Technical Details Hide Technical Details
Part Number Description Replaces Weight (kg) No. Per 10A
Inrush Current
Circuit Watts (W) Board Lumens Luminaire Lumens * LI/cW
SEN-15-4K 15W LED Wallpack 1 x 42W PL 3.8 67 3.8A 42μs 15 2601 1821 121.4
SEN-30-4K 30W LED Wallpack 70W SON 3.8 50 8A 100μs 30 5203 3642 121.4
SEN-40-4K 40W LED Wallpack 100W MH 3.8 16 13A 50μs 40 6937 4856 121.4
SEN-30-4K-A 30W LED Wallpack – Wide Distribution 100W MH 3.8 16 13A 50μs 30 5100 3825 127.5


Options and Accessories View Options and Accessories Hide Options and Accessories
EM Integral Emergency (4W)
EMST Integral Emergency Self Test (4W)
PH Photocell
WL Wireless Control System
WLEM Wireless Emergency Monitoring
BK Black Finish
WH White Finish
SNT/CBI Internal Corner Bracket
SNT/CBE External Corner Bracket
3K 3000K Colour Temperature
5K 5000K Colour Temperature
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