Mintaka LED

Mintaka LED

Product Description

Designed to work in harsh environments the LED Mintaka is ExnA certified light fitting, designed for maximum light output.

Data Sheet
Mintaka LED


  • Low maintenance high output LED light source
  • Energy efficient control
  • Reduced energy costs with motion sensor option
  • Robust, long life enclosure
  • Available in 3 lengths
  • Gas Zone 2 and Dust Zone 22 protection
Mintaka LED LED Characteristics


Mintaka LED Photometric


Mintaka LED Dimensions
Mintaka LED Dimensions
Technical Details View Technical Details Hide Technical Details
Part Number Description Replaces Weight (kg) No. Per 10A
Inrush Current
Circuit Watts Board Lumens Luminaire
Ll/cW Length Width
MIN 28-CO-4K 28W 702mm Hazardous Fitting 2 x 30W T8 2.8 18 16A184μs 28 3245 2950 105.4 702 120
MIN 56-CO-4K 56W 1312mm Hazardous Fitting 2 x 36W T8 3.2 8 32A 184μs 56 6490 5900 105.4 1312 120
MIN 71-CO-4K 71W 1612mm Hazardous Fitting 2 x 58W T8 3.4 8 32A 184μs 71 8113 7375 103.9 1612 120

Product Specification

Product Specification: Details:
Full Certification Code II3GD Ex nA nC IIC T4
Protection type Ex nA (non sparking), Ex nC (enclosed break)
Temperature rating -20 to +51°C
Certification standards EN 60079-0:2012;EN60079-15:2010 EN60079-31: 2009
Certificate(s) PET 14 ATEX TFXNX
Suitable zoned areas Zones 2 and 22
Gas group suitability II
Material GRP moulded body, polycarbonate diffuse
IP rating IP65
Cable Entries 2 x M20—ISO (1 plugged) as standard
Electrical connections 3 wire and earth. Cable size 4mm2 max
Through wiring versions available
Light Source Long life LED
Supply voltage 230V 50/60 Hz
Installation/mounting Snap on stainless steel brackets
Relamp access Quick release stainless steel clips
Weight (Size 5).

Options and Accessories View Options and Accessories Hide Options and Accessories
EM Intgeral Emergency (1W)
3K 3000K Colour Temperature
5K 5000K Colour Temperature
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