Arcturus Range

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Our innovative LED Floodlight is compact, robust and built for both indoor and outdoor environments. Made with a aluminium body and tempered transparent glass (5mm thick) set in a silicon gasket and aluminium clips.

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  • Captive clips to ensure that they can’t be lost
  • Intelligent clip design to ensure that front glass is located properly
  • IP rated connectors
  • Ease of installation
  • No need to open fitting to install
ARCTURUS RANGE LED Characteristics




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Part Number Description Replaces Weight (kg) No. Per 10A Breaker Inrush Current (A) Circuit Watts (W) Board Lumens Luminaire Lumens LI/cW
ARC 1-30-CO-4K 30W LED Symmetric Floodlight 70W M/H 2.3 20 12A 50μs 30 3985 3388 112.9
ARC 2-80-CO-4K 80W LED Symmetric Floodlight 150W M/H 6.5 6 172A 228μs 80 10980 9337 116.7
ARC 3-120-CO-4K 120W LED Symmetric Floodlight 250W M/H 6.5 3 172A 228μs 120 15030 12778 106.5
ARC 4-185-CO-4K 185 LED Symmetric Floodlight 250W M/H 6.5 2 172A 228μs 185 24752 21040 113.7
ARC 5-230-CO-4K 230W LED Symmetric Floodlight 400W M/H 6.5 1 172A 228μs 230 33040 28087 122.1
ARC 6-380-CO-4K 380W LED Symmetric Floodlight 600W M/H 11.5 1 172A 228μs 380 55780 47413 124.8
ARC 7-480-CO-4K 480W LED Symmetric Floodlight 1000W M/H 13.5 1 172A 228μs 480 67752 57439 119.7
ARC 8-960-CO-4K 960W LED Symmetric Floodlight 2000W M/H 35.5 1 172A 228μs 960 133560 113527 118.3


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AR Asymmetric Reflector
5K 5000K Colour Temperature
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