Case Study
Newsprinters Broxbourne


The client was looking to upgrade the lighting installation as in its current state it was expensive to maintain and operate.

They needed a solution which would achieve the same light level, could be remotely monitored and programmed to automatically control lux level and movement detection.  The new solution had to use the existing lighting positions to achieve the required light level.


The original installation featured 2300, 2 x 49W T5 non-corrosive fittings, these were on 24 hours per day 7 days a week and the area was in limited use as unmanned vehicles were used extensively.


A lighting survey was carried out and a lighting design was produced to ensure the require average illumination of 300 lux was achieved.

The solution was novel in that the payback did not work when we replaced every fitting with another fitting with the wireless controls that the customer specified.  Therefore, the number of fittings was reduced by a 3rd, however this was still too expensive so a ‘master’ fitting gear tray was designed with all the control gear on, DALI dimming, wireless control node and self-test emergency pack.  The ‘slave’ fittings had no control gear, only LED boards and a low voltage movement sensor wired to the ‘master’ fitting.  In this set up if any of the three PIRs were activated it resulted in all three lights coming on.  This configuration reduces project costs by approximately 50% over the original design.


Original Installation

Luminaire type Circuit Power per Luminaire QTY installed Total Consumption
2×49 T5 IP65 Batten 106W 1500 159 kWh

New Installation

Luminaire type Circuit Power per Luminaire QTY installed Total Consumption
Master & 2 Slave 37W 780 28.9 kWh

Energy Saving

without Control Factor
130.1 kWh
(82% reduction in power consumption)

with Control Factor (assuming fittings run at low consumption for 40% of operating hours)
141.66 kWh (89% reduction in power consumption)


All goods were supplied by the end of January 2017 against a delivery schedule supplied by the client.


The value of the goods supplied in this instance was £ 108,596

We are however unable to provide payback details as we do not know the installation cost for the project or the energy costs for the site.  Our remit was to reduce energy consumption only.


The Results


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