Case Study
M6 Toll Road


To re-light the toll road to the existing light levels but reduce energy consumption.  Original lamp posts and lamp housings must be re-used and the new installation needed to offer a 10 year warranty


The toll road was originally lit with 2,330 in number 250W tubular sodium luminaires and 440 in number 400W tubular sodium luminaires.  These were in operation 4,380 hours per annum.


We recommended that the internal reflectors, gear and lamps be replaced with a printed circuit board populated with Ledil street light lenses and Nichia LED’s.

The aluminium PCB provided an integral heat sink and passive thermal control.  The selected control gear was Tridonic Premium Outdoor Dali dimming gear specifically designed for street and road lighting applications, which enabled the lighting to be linked to a remotely controlled lighting control system supplied independently.


Original Installation

Luminaire type Circuit Power per Luminaire QTY installed Total Consumption
250W SON-T 287W 2330 668.71 kWh
400W SON-T 472W 440 207.68 kWh
Total 876.39 kWh

New Installation

Luminaire type Circuit Power per Luminaire QTY installed Total Consumption
117W LED Insert 117W 2330 272.6 kWh
212W LED Insert 212W 440 93.28 kWh
Total 368.88 kWh

Energy Saving

507.51 kWh (57% reduction in power consumption)


All goods were supplied by the end of November 2016 against a delivery schedule supplied by the client


The value of the goods supplied in this instance was £ 274,395

We are however unable to provide payback details as we do not know the installation cost for the project or the energy costs for the site.  Our remit was to reduce energy consumption only


The Results


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